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Computer Repair Service

Provisioning Corporate speak for "installing Windows".

For most machines, it only takes a few hours to reinstall Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista. This is a fresh install of the Windows operating system. A fresh install will erase the entire contents of your computer and leave you with Windows only. It is very important that you decide if you have all your files saved to an external device such as a USB drive or DVD before Windows is installed. There is a seperate fee for saving and restoring your personal files. After Windows is installed there are additional programs you may need that are not included with a default installation of Windows. Such as:

* Antivirus Software (AVG, SpyBot, Mcafee, Norton or Symantec)
* Microsoft Office Applications (Works, Word, Excel, Outlook or Access)
* Adobe Applications (Acrobat Reader, Photoshop or Illustrator)
* Multimedia Software (Quicktime, Flash or WinDVD)
* External hardware software (Printer driver, Cameras or Joysticks)
For the aforementioned software there are additional charges for each application. Angels of Data does not install this additional software even if your computer came with it originally free of charge. The software can not be transferred from the original restore CD/DVD with a virgin install of Windows. It's not our policy. It is copyright law. If you have your original restoration software then it is very unlikely you will need our virgin install of Windows service. We are happy to assist with your Restore software as well.