Angels of Data

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Computer Repair and Data Recovery Specialists!

Business Computer Services

- Provisioning Wipe/Erase computer and install new operating system
- Procurement New Hardware requests
- Data Management Archival, Locating and restricting information in a logical manor.
- Security Defend your network against hackers, virus, and wandering mice.
- Infrastructure Establishes procedures for the flow of communications internal and external. Assists Operations.
- Phone System Line hunting, programming, and assignments.
- User Training You have the technology. Are you using it fully?
- Disaster recovery Manages Tape Backup and Restore procedures.
- Connectivity Wireless, Multi-site, Cabling, Drops, Remote Access via Dialup, VPN, and third party ISP.
- Hardware Management Consumables, Service Contracts, computer repair, external contractors, and assets.
- World Wide Web Intranet and External website hosting.
- Graphic Arts Image scanning, document conversion, and marketing.
- Digital Communications Email, FTP, EDI
- Troubleshooting Software conflicts.
- Process controls Assigns technology to repetitive tasks.
- Documentation translate and record physical changes to conceptual.
- Analysis Efficiency, data extraction.
- Ergonomics safe working environment
- Palms Symbol, Intermec, Treo 600
- Software Compliancy Software accounting and disbursement.
- Barcode Printing
- Mass Deployment
- Monitoring
- Backup Power solutions
- Marketing Mass mailing, advertising
- Printing flyers, brochures, booklets
- Printer installation
- Business Alarm system installed by a licensed professional
- Video Surveillance