Angels of Data

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Computer Repair and Data Recovery Specialists!

New Customer Orientation

Phase One – Inventory

- We will need the following information from you.
- List of all employee names
- Computer Usernames and Passwords
- List of active email addresses with passwords
- Brief description of each employee job function in relation to computer usage
- Email server name
- Employee phone extensions
- Account information for Internet Service Provider, routers, and phone system
- List of critical software in use
- CAL's, SOA’s, and Serials
- Disclosure of contractual service agreements you have previously entered in to
- List of telephone numbers with hunt order
- List of technical ailments you are experiencing
- Domain accounts – Network Solutions account handle and password
- Web accounts – Address, Username and Password

Phase Two – Discovery
At this stage is where the fun begins. We will evaluate the technical level of each employee to explore growth and learn limitations. A technician will observe the employee for several moments. The technician will have the employee demonstrate their various tasks. The technician will also have the employee maneuver to various areas of the operating system (Windows) to retrieve network configuration, applications, hard drive size and utilization, installed memory, processor speed, manufacturer, model, serial numbers and printers. We are also interested in the history of your company. How you started and where you want to go. That enables Angels of Data to set a flight plan for your growth.

Phase Three – Assessment
All the information from the previous stages is compiled and analyzed. This will occur offsite and takes some time. The more complex your business machine is, the longer we mull it over.

Phase Four – Proposal
Angels of Data will provide a list of recommended services and changes you may need to reduce any technical drag you are experiencing and facilitate future scalability of your business processes. Under this process we may discover areas where current ongoing expenses can be trimmed and the savings diverted to functions that improve the efficiency at which your business machine creates revenue. We will work with you real-time for an effective cost-benefit analysis.

Phase Five – Action!
Now is the time to pick the points of interest from the Proposal and set your pace to move from repair to investment.