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Computer Myths and Facts

Screen Saver on or Screen Saver off?
Screen savers are a waste of energy. Nothing more than eye candy. Screen savers were utilized over a decade ago when monitors could not turn themselves off. In the early days of computing you could have a shadow of an image burned in to the screen over several years of operation. We also kept our computers longer before they hit the garbage bin. Thus, increasing the likelihood of burn in. Today, most people upgrade their computers every four years. There are plenty of free screensavers out there. The truth be told, those free screen savers are not free. They are actually paid for by advertising software that is installed with the screen saver. That free software is not always written by the most ethical computer people. That hidden software bloats your computer and then you will need an old priest and a young priest to get the demon out. Be my guest; install all the free calendars, screen savers, wall papers, and cute cursors you want. Iíll be seeing you soon with your check book!

Screen savers also use more electricity. This becomes more critical for laptop owners. To get more battery time, turn that screen saver off! LCD screens do not suffer from burn in like the TV tube style monitor of yesterday. You are almost convinced, but somebody told you that it is bad to turn your monitor on and off because of the power surge. This is no longer true! Todayís monitors gradually apply power to eliminate the surge. I hope you choose to conserve energy rather than keeping the eyes entertained.

Should you leave your computer on all day?
That depends on your life style. You should only turn a computer on and off once per day. Cycling a computer on and off puts a mild strain on the hard drive motor inside. Workstation class computers are not designed to be on all week long. A typical computer averages 180 watts of electricity. That's just over $10 per month on your electric bill if left on! If you do use your computer throughout the day, the best thing you can do is program your computer to turn the monitor off for you when it senses you are idle after so much time.