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Reading Exercises 6

Mom told a moose to get water by the wall. Soon a yellow bee went to her igloo and ate ice cream. A zebra asked the quail if he can fly. The quail said, "Yes." The quail said, "This is silly. We can run to the rock over there." The zebra and the quail had a lot of fun running to the rocks. The zebra wondered if he can go to the park with the girl from school too. The quail asked the zebra if he can jump over walls if they are wet. A boy with a dog is flying a kite. What a happy day. It is time to open an umbrella. It looks like it will get very wet soon.

Do you want to kick a ball in the box? Do you want to play with rocks? Look under the table for candy. Who can sing a song with oranges in it? Look for cars all the time. You need a X-ray to see past a wall. Wow! A jet can fly fast in the sky. Do not quit eating your orange. It is good to let daddy sit on a post. You need water to make bubbles. Do zebras live in an igloo? No! They live at the zoo. Girls and boys like to sing silly songs. It makes them happy. We are home. Time to exit the car.

A dog said WOOF! Now roll over doggy. Good boy. Do dogs like yellow ice water? That wall is very, very tall. Can you kick a ball over the tall wall? Open the door of the car if you want to exit. Do you want to eat an apple under a big tree with me?

The green cat is sitting on the mat. Down the dark hall is a book to cook with. Look for the book and make silly faces. Do you like car races? With any luck you can sing a long song. The truck sank in the mud. You are a ding dong. Do you have a sticker that fits? Please do not lick the stick. It can make you sick. Is the sky blue or grey with your umbrella? You may need boots to go play. Some clocks say tick tock. We have to go to the bank and then back home. I like trains with a caboose. It looks like the track is loose. We will ask a goose if the track came loose. Keep your room clean please. You can slip and fall. Can you bake a cake for mommy? Do you see the flag on the tall post? Look high in the sky. I bet you can find my pen. Send me your happy face when you eat my cake. Most boys and girls like candy. If you get sick, a doctor can give you a pill to make you better. That man ran with a fan in his hand. He did not go far. You will need a rag to clean up that big big mess.

Twinkle Twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky.

I like art. some times there is a ball at the park to play with. It's a big big world. We have Earth and a moon to look at. Where is my hat? Did I set it next to my bat? Under where? Under there. It was a good game. Who was first? I want a sticker. Start your engine. Beep! Beep! Do not use your bed like a sled. Little birds say peep peep peep. Have you been good for a week?

Do you want to play Halo or doctor Freeman? I like to play Doom and Killer Instinct. Let us go to race track and get a drink. Half life is a fun game. Turtles swim in the water. We care about bears and animals. Race cars drive really fast on Sunday. Baseball is Daddy's favorite sport. I do not like hot peppers on my salad. Please put cheese on my hamburger. There is a truck in my yard. I need a bank card to buy more toys. You are a child's play thing. Grapes are really good to eat on a hot day. We should ask momma to make us some cookies. please! In the winter we can not play outside. Little boys and girls can freeze. No Mommy's and Daddy's want to have ice cream bars for children. We like our kids warm and huggable. Tiny Tommy tickles tasty treats.

Suzan sells sea shells by the sea shore. This thing thinks that three tulips taste terrible on tuesday. Will Wally wish for one jolly good time? When will Wally wander west? The third thing to remember is that there are three threes in three hundred thirty-three.

This old man. He played one. He played knick knack on my thumb. With a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. Sally sipped soda several times on Sunday. Wheels go up and down. Are swimming pool always round? Can you walk through town. Hop hop.

If all the rain drops where lemon drops and gum drops, Oh what a rain it would be. Standing outside. With my mouth opened wide. Ah ah ah ah ah Ha ha ha.