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ProFusion Model HA24-50M WiFi conversion


The examples shown below are how you can modify a garage heater to be controlled by WiFI Alexa or Google home.

I had to disable one of the 1000W heater elements so that I could power my unit with 12 AWG extension cord. Total power consumption is 17 Amps on high. When reassembling the heater assembly, make sure none the heater wires touch any metal inside the cabinet and especially the heater fins.

The existing neon lights were refunctioned to show when which heater elements are on. Amber is the 2500 watt array and Red is the 1500 watt array. A green 120Vac LED indicator was added to show that the unit is enabled by the smart plug. In a overheat condition, the fan will continue to run with heaters forced off.

A hole was drilled to allow programming of smartplug. Deburr any cuts in the metal and spray some clear coat to prevent rust.

I purchased an 8 inch duct fan from Home Depot to replace the 240V motor with a 120V. You will need to take parts from old assembly to make a hybrid motor that will mount up. Keep the rear bearing of the new motor as it is ball bearing. You will need the front bearing plate from old motor swapped to the new. Screw and bolt on shafts are reverse thread. Be careful to not break the plastic fan mounts. I noticed that the replacement motor spins faster than the old one even though they are both rated at 3000RPM. If your fan vibrates, whistles or howls, you can twist blades to increase the angle which will slow the fan. Be sure to hold the other fan blades with other hand while you twist or you could break the plastic fan hub mount. If your fan vibrates, you can balance your blades by turning the fan by hand and using a fixed point like your finger on the cross bar support to make sure every blade lightly touches your finger tip as you turn it. You can also visually inspect the clearance from the ridge inside the heater element chamber and the inside front of the blades. The distance should be at least a 1/4 inch for all blades.

After running the heater a year unmodified, I noticed the factory heater wires were becoming brittle. I upgraded the decayed wires to 8 AWG high temperature silicone wires. I also purchased high temp eyelet connectors. Do not solder high current connections. They must be crimped. I had to buy professional crimpers to get a solid crimp. For the neutral lug, scrape away paint where ring connector comes in to contact. After tightened, respray with clear coat paint to prevent corrosion. When assembling, give paint plenty of time to cure. Do not let paint touch wires as some insulation can melt over time. The new motor is thicker than the old motor and you will have to bend the cross bar inward to get the rear grill back on. Be mindful of that 1/4 inch fan to ridge clearance or you will get more wind noise or bend your blades out of balance. Also note that shaded pole motors can get up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit in normal operation. For your fan wires, solder and apply heat shrink tubing.